The Election Regression: an ABDL story


Popular school girl Mia will do anything to win the class president election, even hang out with nerds like Amy. To win her vote and those of her fellow nerds wrapped around Amy’s finger, Mia will reluctantly agree to a sleep over at Amy’s house. Little does she know how hard core and strict Amy’s mother is. Things get strange when she realizes Amy still wears diapers and acts like a little girl at home while her mother controls everything.

Amy will use this to her advantage and make Mia regress as well, putting her in pull-ups training pants at first, claiming it’s to avoid accidents. She will then progressively turn her into an adult baby in diapers and Mia will have no choice but to play the part if she wants to win.

A fun little age regression story involving pullups, diapers, wetting, and other ABDL themes.