ABDL Surprise


Even as I spoke, his hand came down against me again with a loud slapping sound. I knew it was wrong though. There was something missing and it was as obvious to me as the nose on my face. I looked to the bed and saw the dress laying there. He followed my eyes and immediately understood that I had joined the game in earnest.

Jared and Cara have a loving marriage, but something has always been missing. Cara has a deep secret that she’s been unable to admit, even to herself. When Jared decides to make her dreams a reality, things get hot in a hurry and their marriage will never be the same.

ABDL Surprise is a story of exploring new things and giving in to your most spectacular desires. Cara learns that giving up her high stress life for the day so her new Daddy can take care of everything is a better way to enjoy life than anything she’s ever known.

This story contains depictions of sexual situations between adults. All characters are at least 18 years of age and all sex is consensual. This book contains depictions of age play, spanking, diapers and plenty more. Cara’s about to have the time of her life and you can come along with her in ABDL Surprise!