From Baby sister to Babysitter: ABDL Female POV (Humiliation Book 6)


Remember when you used to make fun of your little sister for wetting the bed and wearing Pull-Ups?

Well now is time for her payback.

In the female version of this POV story, your parents are going away on vacation. Since the last time you were left in charge, you threw a party and completely trashed the house, they decided that your little sister would be in charge this time.

She has decided to use that as leverage to humiliate you as much as she can.
For the next two weeks, you’re gonna be a bedwetter, just like she used to be.

You’re going to wear her old Goodnites every single day and you’re gonna pee in them.

If you’re into ABDL, embarrassing POV stories involving Pull-Ups, diapers and humiliation, this is a short story for you!