A Hack and Slash RPG Regressed my Husband into an Adult Baby!: 30k erotic dark F/F/m MDLB ABDL novella (ABDL Protopets Regression Books)


This dark tale of ABDL regression shows a man’s descent into a world of thick diapers, embarrassing outfits, and being relegated to a crib every night!

Shawn’s neglected his wife and refused to give her the baby she’s wanted for so long – so Lorna decides to transform him into her baby, instead! With the help of Shawn’s gaming habits, Lorna soon has an attentive husband who babbles and uses his pampers and does whatever Mommy says, inside the bedroom and out. At first, Lorna loves it – but soon she finds herself no longer attracted to a grown man who acts like a baby.

The new wetnurse hits it off with Lorna, and, after giving Shawn enemas and milk straight from the source, she and Shawn’s Mommy start a new romantic relationship, leaving him out in the cold – but Shawn no longer cares, because he’s now happily and completely an adult baby boy.