ABDL Short Story Collection


Packed in this book is four short stories that Little, Middles, and Bigs are sure to love. Featuring stories with both diaper boys and diaper girls. The four stories included in the bundle are Crinkling in the Rain, Only mommy gets to touch, Just let it all out, and One day is too much

– Crinkling in the rain shows a little boy who had his dreams crushed. His daddy promised him a fun day at the park, but rain ruined their plans. Don’t worry though, his daddy has a trick up his sleeve.

-Only Mommy gets to touch is about a little boy who loves video games. He also loves diapers. Which one will win out? The answer seems pretty obvious, especially when his mommy was running her fingers along the crinkle plastic backing.

-Just let it all out brings you into the relationship of a baby boy with his professional mommy. After she reveals a normal bottle was filled with a not so normal ingredient, his nervousness (and bowels) run wild.

-One day is too much rounds out the book with a little girl who doesn’t want to be so little anymore. After convincing her daddy to buy her some training pants, he told her it was two accidents and it was back to diapers. Can she make it through the day or is it back to puffy padding for her?

The photo for the cover was submitted by the wonderful Pookie!

All content in this book is 18+