ABDL Scenarios – Women in Diapers


ABDL Scenarios – Women in Diapers is not so much a story, but a set of situations that diapered women find themselves in. These situations put you in the place of these diapered women and you’ll be talked to and immersed in the story by women who discover that you’re wearing a diaper. Sometimes they’ll be shocked, ocassionally just curious, or maybe even a little angry!

The book contains vaious situations such as, telling your new girlfriend about your ABDL lifestyle, your neighbor catching you in your diaper, and being stopped by airport security. In these scenarios you’ll encounter plenty of diaper humiliation, femdom, “accidents", and role play amongst many other themes.

At just over 8,750 words, this book is full of ABDL content and the types of situations you would dream of finding yourself in, whatever your role!

All characters in this book are consenting adults over the age of 21.