An ABDL Love Story


An ABDL Love Story (Short Story – 4 Chapters)

For most of her life Kylie was a pretty shy and subdued girl who didn’t fit in that well in high school and never felt confident in herself. As a young woman though she finally decides to take a bit of a leap of faith and applies to be a model for an 18+ website. Nobody is more surprised than Kylie herself when she not only gets the job, but starts thriving in that community. She begins breaking out of her shell thanks to her naughty new job and things are going amazingly. Then she meets Lauren.

Lauren is another one of the companies models and everything Kylie has ever wanted to be. Intelligent, beautiful, confident, and so outspoken and outgoing. Kylie immediately falls for her, and wonders if reciprocated feelings might be there.

Amidst there adult photo shoots and videos Kylie can’t help, but wonder about her new coworker. Amidst the bondage, the diapers, and whatever else they work with on a daily basis… Kylie wonders if maybe… just maybe… she could find love with another model like Lauren.

Contains: Diapers, Public Diapering, Willingly Diapered, Pull-Ups, Wetting, Messing, Public Diapers, Public Accidents, Bondage, Romance, Love Story.