Testing Babies: an ABDL Story


Testing Babies (Short Story – 4 Chapters)

When she decided that she was going to apply for a job at a Nursing Center, Crystal thought it was a genius idea. All she had to do was take a simple test and she would be able to get a volunteer nursing license, but more importantly get out of her parents house and get paid some big bucks.

During the test though, Crystal and her new friend decide to act pretty naughty and cheat their way through the test off of the clearly smartest girl there. Good plan right…? Crystal thought so.

After she gets an acceptance letter to the program Crystal is led through a building until she finds herself locked in with a few nurses who’d like to show her the consequences of her actions. Drugs, diapers, bottles, and more await Crystal in her new home…

Contains: Age Regression, Panty Wetting, Diapers, Wetting, Humiliation, Femdomme, Babysitter, Daycare, Rival Dominated,