The Selection: an ABDL Story


The Selection (Short Story – 6 Chapters)

In a future world everyone is assigned a job at the age of 21. Most of the times these jobs are random though certain particular selections can be made on occasion. The job chosen for each individual is the one they will be doing for the rest of their lives. There are hundreds of potential jobs, though the 3 that are considered the worst are the jobs: Slut, Servant, and Child. In a world of clones the only options for parents wanting to nurture a child the old fashioned way is to adopt a “Child" and care for them as they would a natural infant.

A beautiful girl named Alice is at the very top of her class and is nervous, but excited to receive her assignment. She knows she’d be good at any job she was chosen for. That’s why she’s absolutely horrified when she gets assigned the job Child!

After a few simple surgeries, Alice soon goes from a gorgeous and intelligent young woman, to an adorable little girl who can’t even give someone a hug without being intensely turned-on and can’t seem to keep her undergarments dry or clean for very long at all. Without barely even a goodbye to her old life, Alice begins her training to become a perfect little baby and diaper filler.

Contains: Diapers, Punishment, Humiliation, Public Diapering, Hypnosis, Age Regression, Pull-Ups, Wetting, Messing, Public Humiliation, Public Accidents.