Summer with Jen: ABDL Anthology Volume II E.L. Haley


Back by popular demand, this book is the second volume of the “ABDL Anthology" series. Just like the first 'Anthology’, readers will once again get two ABDL stories for the price of one. Each will follow a submissive male regressed and forced into diapers by a caring, dominant woman.

'WEEKEND PUNISHMENT II’ continues the story of Josh: an immature, 25 year old whose dominant wife Jordan diapers him at night to deal with his bedwetting. When Josh begins to act too “frisky" around her, Jordan decides to punish him by once again putting him back in diapers during the day. As their weekend draws to a close, Jordan’s mood softens. She says she has an idea for them to “try something new" in the bedroom. Desperate for sexual release, Josh eagerly agrees. With no idea what Jordan has in store for him, its going to change their relationship forever.

In 'SUMMER WITH JEN’, the premiere novella of the anthology, readers will find a kinder and gentler ABDL story. Mike is an 18 year old High School graduate moving back to his old neighborhood in California. Finding himself without a place to live, he turns to his former babysitter Jen, who invites him into her home. Grateful for a temporary place to stay, Mike struggles to break free from his childhood habits. His occasional bedwetting gradually increases and he constantly worries that Jen will find out that he secretly still sucks his thumb.

Jen is mature, kind, caring, and beautiful. But Mike can’t escape the fact that she still seems to be treating him like a small child. He is mortified when she buys him adult, disposable diapers to help him to protect the mattress in the guest bedroom. Yet the diapers are just the beginning of Mike’s slow regression living under her roof.

As much as he resents Jen’s firm hand and condescending attitude, Mike slowly begins to develop a crush on the kind and gorgeous brunette whom he lives with. With each passing day, he draws closer to her and becomes a little less resistant. During his summer with Jen, Mike stands to lose all hope of living as a grown up… but in return, he’ll find a security and peace of mind he never imagined possible.