Permanently Regressed: Her New ABDL Life: M/f DDLG extreme regression ageplay ABDL diaper 44k novella


All characters in this story are explicitly over the age of 18.

300 years in the future, adult babygirls and boys are commonplace, and men and women regularly volunteer to undergo mental regression into diaper-wearing ABDLs for loving Mommy and Daddy doms. Tina Hausmann spent her entire life dreaming of the day she could be permanently regressed and adopted, living out the rest of her life filling her diapers and pleasing her Daddy.

In this 44k+ novella, Tina gets her dream come true – mentally regressed in her very adult body, every scene is packed with naughtiness as she explores how good being a babygirl can feel. From playing with other littles at the ABDL nursery to going to any lengths to make her Daddy feel good, any fan of ABDL writing is sure to be excited by this look at Tina’s extreme new lifestyle. Loaded diapers, enemas, chest feeding, and discipline all have a place in this filthy new story from Amelia Hobbes.