Diaper Store Intern – Lesbian ABDL: A Younger Woman/Older Woman MD/LG Story


Contains: Older woman/younger woman relationships, MD/LG, Incontinence, Diapering/changing, Lesbian ABDL, Forced Orgasm, Light Humiliation and Embarrassment, training, and conditioning.

High-strung business student Summer is poised to begin her new internship at Agefree, a company specializing in incontinence products for adults. She admires the strong and confident women who work there, and wonders just what their secret is. For starters, they all use their own product to “better understand their customers”. Summer is mortified and surprised by the idea, but willingly participates so she can learn more about the business.

…and because doing what older women tell her to is secretly sort of thrilling. Summer lets go more and more, as CEO Stephanie Copeland and her employees make Summer part of the team. Summer wants to be a team player.

Being part of this team means she might have to compromise her dignity and remember how fun it can be to let someone else make the decisions… and to embrace the softly padded life that awaits her.

Includes incontinence, diaper play, lesbian lust, and Summer’s slow realization that what she really wants is to be on her hands and knees beneath a confident older woman’s gentle guidance. Unlearning her uptight behaviour helps Summer admit what she really needs: someone to take care of her in every way, and to remind her how good it can feel to just let go.
Summer Lowery – business student intern
Anika Harris – sales and customer relations
Roxanne Nichols – accounting and office manager
Stephanie Copeland – CEO