ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories Vol. 2 (YesYouNeedDiapers’ ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories)

This collection of ten ABDL / Omorashi short stories includes:
The Walk: A drunken walk home in the dead of night causes some bladder distress.
One Wish: An incontinent 18-year-old makes a wish to reduce her ridicule, and the results are messy.
For Your Own Good: A troubled girl pushes her parents to their limit, but her actions inspire unique consequences.
The Gifter: Fame, Fortune, or Power. What would you wish for? And would you be willing to pay the padded price…
Captive: A crazy ex-boyfriend captures his ex and her friend with unique, wet intentions.
Stage Baby: A radical hypnotist plants a suggestion into Mariele’s brain that requires protection.
Laws of Attraction: After creating a love potion spray, a scientist’s careless choice of words results in the regression of his assistant.
The Last Walk Home: An 18-year-old high schooler walks home from school for the last time, desperate for a wee.
Delivery Girl: A pizza delivery with a full bladder causes Daisy some discomfort.
Escape Room: A party of girls attempt a baby-themed escape room.