Superstitious: an ABDL story


Superstitious (Short Story – 2 Chapters)
For her entire life, her parents and everyone else in town had always told Lilly to never wander too far into the forest. No matter how hard she tried no one would ever give her a straight answer on what would happen if she did; all they would tell her is that it was far too dangerous because of Old Magic’s still in the area.

As a child Lilly had listened, but the older she got the more skeptical she got of the superstitions that had her entire town wrapped around its finger. Vowing to go on one last adventure before going off to college, Lilly delves deep into the forest alone to take a picture and prove to everyone that there’s nothing dangerous about the woods.

Then… she starts to hear the whispering. A faint alluring magic that is drawing her in without her even realizing it. And… is that a strange crinkling sound… sounds like a diaper… maybe someone is following her? She can’t tell. Had she always been wearing this shirt when she started walking? She must have. And what was that warmth starting to spread in her crotch?

The further she starts to go, the less Lilly seems to notice that magical changes, physically and mentally taking place on her…

Contains: Age Regression, Magic, Diapers, Wetting, Messing, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Public Accidents, Hypnosis.