The Diaper Dungeon: Molly’s Extreme Diaper Punishment (An ABDL Novella)


Dr. Katherine Olivia is head of the brand new Experimental Behavior Corrections Wing of her hospital, and she has a very special method of discipline she plans to met out…

Diaper Discipline.

Why? Because Dr. Olivia knows that forcing her naughty subjects to wear and use diapers is the ultimate act of humiliating submission.

But the domination doesn’t stop there. No, it’s just getting started.


Punishment enemas.

And public messing are all in store for the naughty ones who end up subject to her rule.

And Molly, the department’s newest unsuspecting patient, is about to get it worst of all.

This full-length, erotic ABDL novella will have you on the edge from start to finish.

It’s full of corporal punishment, diaper discipline, humiliation, diaper bondage, and some very soggy and very messy accidents! For mature readers only!