Omorashi Short Stories Vol. 4

This collection of nine ABDL / Omorashi short stories includes:
Troubled Train Ride: A delicious lunch results in a desperate train ride home.
Journal Entry: March 17, 2002: A recollection of drunk and wet events.
The Wet Flu: A virus that effects bladder control rages.
Step-Sister’s Secret (2-parts): Your step-sister wets the bed, and she wants to make sure you don’t tell anyone.
Time Travelling Tinkles: Jenaye’s mind travels back to infancy, but when it returns to her adult body, some things remained infant-like.
The Adult Babysitter POV: Your girlfriend hires a babysitter for you, since you have some…difficulties with controlling yourself.
My Boyfriend’s Cult: Kate finally meets her boyfriends family, and is quickly aware of their strange practices.
Road Trip Troubles: A trio of girls struggle to pee on a road trip.
Dazed: You wake up to find you’ve been kidnapped, and diapered, but what’s next for you?