Susie’s Reverse Potty Training (An ABDL Novella) (ABDL Erotic Novellas Book 8)


When I found an apartment posting online from a woman offering to let someone stay with her in exchange for help around the house and ‘proper manners’, I couldn’t turn it down.

After all, I was a broke, 18-year-old woman in a strange city, about to be homeless if I didn’t find a place quick!

Madame Lola seemed incredibly sweet at the start. But soon she started to demonstrate that she had some pretty strict expectations regarding ‘proper manners’ under her roof.

For example, forcing me to wear a humiliating, girly pink dress.

And limiting my use of the bathroom!

It didn’t take long until she decided I had never been properly potty-trained…

And began subjecting me to nightly enemas next to the potty chair!

Before I knew it, Madame Lola was threatening to put me right back into diapers again…

How the heck did my ‘potty-training’ turn into my ‘un-potty training’?!

And why does it feel like I’m losing more and more control every day!?

This full-length, erotic ABDL novella will have you on the edge from start to finish.

It’s full of corporal punishment, diaper discipline, humiliation, and some very soggy and very messy accidents! For mature readers only!