My Diaper Girl Harem!! : (80k+ ABDL naughty novel)


An 80k+ ABDL novel, packed to the brim with naughty diaper fun and free loving!

When Kano inherits an enormous mansion and is given responsibility for the women who live inside it, he has no idea they’re all naughty diaper-wearing babygirls. Thrust into the role of 'Master’, Kano soon finds the concept of dominating a whole house of diapered ladies incredibly hot. Within just a few days he’s changing pampers and playing tea parties with the residents, but there are challenges ahead that go beyond just accepting a weird fetish!

Can Kano help shy Hitomi confess her feelings to the equally quiet Nikko? Will the house’s only transgender resident ever feel accepted as one of the girls? Can he learn to enjoy flipping his switch with dominant 'Mommy Iwa’? Will he see beyond frail Ayaka’s appearance? Can he ever tame the bratty, tsundere Kayda?

And finally, can he reconnect with his former childhood best friend, fall in love – and claim his role as her Daddy forever?

Find out the answers in this playful fantasy story inspired by harem anime, with plenty of crinkly, squishy, snuggly fun along the way!