A Wedding in Pullups: an ABDL short POV


"Oh my god, stop staring at them and put one on already. It’s not gonna kill you, they’re just absorbent panties… don’t think of them as diapers. It says it on the pack, they’re… "Goodnites night time underpants". The sooner you just slip it on like normal undies, the better you’ll feel. You’re anxious because you haven’t worn one of those before, but trust me once they’re on you, you won’t even notice it anymore."
In this gender neutral POV story, you’re about to attend your sister’s wedding. You step-mother reminds you of the little accident you had last Christmas when you were too drunk to get to the bathroom on time and she wants to avoid that this time. That’s why she’s made a few phone calls to various members of the family and it turns out your sister’s fiance has a younger cousin who used to wet the bed. She’s nice enough to look in her closer for the old Goodnites she used to wear back then, pink butterfly pull-up training pants, and to drive all the way to your house for you to put them on before the ceremony.

If you’d like to be humiliated and put back in pull-ups diapers in a realistic setting, this story is for you!

"Would you rather be wearing the same thing as a bed wetting teenage girl or the same as a baby? Because if you’re gonna be a baby about it and make me drive all the way to the store to buy you diapers while we have these perfectly fine training pants here, well I’m gonna treat you exactly like the baby you are and buy you the thickest diapers I can find, with tapes and all. And don’t think you’re gonna be able to take it off like those Pull-Ups and use the bathroom. You’ll stuck wetting your Pampers like a big baby all night. No? You don’t want that?"