Humiliated in Diapers by Your Cuck-Sitter: an ABDL short (Sissy Blackmail Book 2)


In this POV short story, you’ll read a great humiliation scene. Your wife has hired your neighbor college girl to be your babysitter for the night, while she goes out on a date with another man.

Read the dialogue from the babysitter as she bullies you relentlessly, letting you in on the fact that she was aware of your regression as a sissy baby husband the whole time it was happening.

Sure enough, she recalls it started with your bedwetting problem. But did you know SHE was the one who suggested your wear training pants ? That opened package of pink girly Pull-Ups your wife came over with? It was her little sisters!

Then she continues the teasing by noticing you’re not in Pull-Ups anymore. You lost your potty training privileges and now you’re back in diapers like a sissy loser, wetting yourself while your wife has sex with another man.

You’ll want to read all the way to the end and feel the blush on your sissy face as you get verbally degraded by this young woman.