Society at New Heights Book Two: Changing the Babies


The next century has seen the dawn of Matriarchal America: a society of wealth and abundance dominated by powerful women. Out of this feminine exuberance, the maternal urge has led an exclusive group of female aristocrats to acquire adult babies, and this darkly wholesome trend begins to spread to other eager Mommies. This series is not a quick trip to gratification nor is it based in fantasy beyond the realm of belief. With 400k words of lengthy naughty scenes, colorful characters, and multiple intertwining storylines, this novel series provides a peek behind the curtain of our society’s Femdom future. Soaked in opulence and wrapped in muscular realism, the Society at New Heights trilogy boldly offers the ABDL community a world it deserves. Prepare a drink and join our protagonist, Karen Holliday, as she delves deeper and deeper into the extravagant world of Madeline Becker and embarks on a journey of diapers and decadence.

Please be advised that this series contains the following elements: ABDL, Dark Age Play, Femdom, MDLB, MDLG, Wet/Messy Diapers, Abduction, Forced Regression, Moderate Bondage, Male-Female relations, and Female-Female relations.

This is book two of the Society at New Heights ABDL trilogy.