ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories Vol. 3 (YesYouNeedDiapers’ ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories)

This collection of nine ABDL / Omorashi short stories includes:
The Scolding: Annabella arrives home late and desperate, but her mother has words before she can pee.
Control: After waking up with mind control powers, a diaper fetishist takes their kink to the girl of their dreams.
Criminally Desperate: A breaking-and-entering while desperate results in some embarrassment.
Leaky Captive: A pair of women kidnap someone with intentions to turn them into their baby.
The Slumber Party Ace (2-parts): A drinking game at an all-girls slumber party results in some new underwear for all involved.
Elf in Tinkle Town: A very late elf forgets to pee before directing people to Santa.
Your Babysitter (POV): You have a new babysitter, and she just loves playing with you and your…problem.
The Commission: A money-hungry girl accepts increasingly stranger picture and video commissions from an online stranger.
My Big Moment: A new actress is on her first big horror movie set, and the director has some wet ambitions for her.