ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories Vol. 5 (YesYouNeedDiapers’ ABDL / Omorashi Short Stories)

This collection of ten ABDL / Omorashi short stories includes:
Restrictions: COVID gets in the way of desperation.
The ScareHouse: A group of girls brave a haunted house with quick-trigger bladders.
The Young Omega’s: A group of teen hero’s have a run-in with Doctor Dreadful, and the new recruit has an accident.
Santa Baby: An exclusive Christmas dance gig has a strange dress code.
Letter to Santa: 19-year-old Jessie writes to Santa to make a confession.
A Very Wet New Year: Triny desperately awaits the New Year.
Online Class: Desperate during an online exam, a young student struggles to finish an exam before she bursts.
The Festival: Megan has a tradition for festivals, and she wants you in on it.
The Regressing Witch: Emily gets younger every time she uses her magic and now needs diapers. But how will she handle those who bully her for it?
Jill of the Future: Jill comes from a time where bladder control is a thing of the past.