Diapered For Pay [ABDL Age Play]


Diapered for Pay is the story of a young woman that is struggling to get by, when a wealthy man offers her a great deal of money to spend a week as his sex slave. She accepts the offers, knowing it means a week of humiliation, pain and sex with a stranger. What she didn’t expect was that she would be kept in diapers the entire week without bathroom privileges.

After a week of this humiliating treatment, she begins to have a different opinion of her situation. Will she decide to stay on or will she leave this week behind as a bad memory?

This story contains AB/DL(Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) themes, harsh punishments, bondage, spankings, paddlings, enemas, wet & messy diapers, public humiliation, girl on girl sex, boy on girl sex, and other extreme situations.