Her Diapered Sissy on Friday Night: Loving femdom sissification and ABDL story as girlfriend becomes Mommy


Jimmy’s sex life took a turn for the kinky on Valentine’s Day when his girlfriend learned about his secret fetish for being dressed up in diapers and dresses, and his sissy persona 'Valentine’ finally came out to play. Now Linda is offering to 'babysit’ that slutty diapergirl, and Jimmy is eager to explore the next few days of deep roleplay, as he realizes all his humiliating sissy fantasies!

In this short, sissy baby Valentine is made completely hairless before she’s all dressed up, warned to keep her special panties dry if she doesn’t want to be spanked and put back into diapers… But of course, the naughty little girl ends up totally soaking her pullup and being pulled over the dinner table for a well-earned spanking, before being re-diapered and brought to a whimpering finish by her dominating Mommy.