A Bully’s Comeuppance: an ABDL Story


Zander Chesney
24 Feb 2021, 12:38 (13 days ago)
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A Bully’s Comeuppance (Short Story – 4 Chapters)

Even though she never personally thought of herself that way, Violet had been a bit of a bully for a long time. At least throughout the majority of her school career. In high school she was able to get away with her laid back attitude quite easily, but now that she’s arrived at college that doesn’t fly for her any longer.

Albeit with great reluctance, Violet eventually finds her way to a study hall to get some serious homework help. There she meets a guy, a gorgeous guy who makes her unexplainably weak at the knees just by looking at her. It’s only when the guy suddenly asks her to grab a drink though that Violet starts to really imagine things going further with him.

But this guy has a secret. A hidden agenda. A plan that will send Violet down a road filled with humiliation, pull-up’s, and more.

Contains: Diapers, Pull-Ups, Messing, Humiliation, Guy Dom, Rival Dominated,