Be Careful What You Wish For: A Diaper Fantasy Comes True (An ABDL Novella) (ABDL Erotic Novellas Book 7)


I’ve always fantasized about being put back in diapers.

From my earliest memory, I’ve longed to be forced to wear diapers by a domineering woman. It’s a part of myself I’ve tried for so long to repress or ignore, all to no avail. My overwhelming desire to be regressed and diapered has followed me my whole life. And it’s a fantasy I’ve kept totally secret.

That is, until the day I met her.

She spotted me buying diapers at the grocery store. She called me out immediately for being the naughty diaper lover that I am.

I had no idea at the time, but she was looking for someone like me. A diaper lover. That’s because her fantasy has always been to transform someone like me into her full-time Little.

But I soon discovered that she wasn’t interested in half-measures. And when my fantasy became reality, I learned there was a whole lot more to it than I expected! Especially when it came to spankings, discipline, and messy diapers!

Am I finally living my diaper dream? Or have I been caught in a diaper nightmare!

This full-length, erotic ABDL novella will have you on the edge from start to finish. It’s full of corporal punishment, diaper discipline, humiliation, and some very soggy and very messy diapers! For mature readers only!