Employee Discipline: an ABDL story


Employee Discipline (Short Story – 4 Chapters)

Ariana is a young woman who has been jobless for quite a while and is in desperate need of something to jumpstart her career. After a long string of bad luck and no potential prospects she happens to run into an old friend who has recently started a new Daycare business with her Mother. Strangely Ariana finds her friend reluctant to let her apply, but eventually manages to get the job anyways.

Not long after working at the Daycare though, Ariana discovers that the locked back room seems to be used to punish employees who aren’t doing their best. When Ariana vows to find out what is inside that room, she might come to regret it when it leads her down a whirlwind of diapers, wetting herself, and being forced to remain that way until she can prove she isn’t like the Daycare students she was helping take care of…

Contains: Diapers, Punishment, Wetting, Humiliation, Public Diapering, Unwillingly Diapered, Older Dom.