Padded Grudge Match: an ABDL Story


Alicia and Danielle are two professional fighters and have been partners at taking down their rivals for a long time. They love to defeat their opponents and even more than that they love to humiliate their opponents in front of the crowds.

Then one day a new pair of rivals appear out of nowhere, technically two underdogs and challenge Alicia and Danielle to a two on two match! A challenge which Alicia and Danielle of course accept. Excited to humiliate their newest rivals, the two girls go into the match feeling very confident, but are soon surprised when their two opponents get the upper hand.

Using wedgies, spankings, and soon DIAPERS; Alicia and Danielle quickly find themselves being the ones humiliated in front of the crowd, and struggling to hold on to any small bit of respect their fans might still have for them once this match is all over.

Contains: Diapers, Punishment, Humiliation, Public Diapering, Unwillingly Diapered, Rival Dominated, Spanking, Wedgie.